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The Specialty Pizzas available exclusively at the Comstock Park Restaurant:

The Incredible Fricano's Pizza

The Fricano faithful can’t stand to go long without enjoying our pizza and some have actually become a sort of "Evangelist" who want others to know "The Truth" of where the World's greatest pizza resides.
The incredible Fricano's pizza has stood the test of time. Our pizzas, including the EBA Everything but Anchovies, are completely unchanged for over 60 years.
The reputation we have achieved and mystical nature of our pizza and history comes from our customers knowing and supporting the best pizza that can be made, and they are thankful that we have never changed our pizza recipe or quality of ingredients.

The Primavera began as an experimental "meal on wheels" for Doug's wife and her girlfriends one afternoon has now evolved into a real fan favorite at Fricano's Pizza on Alpine.  It's still every bit a Fricano's Pizza but with just a little different twist.  Nothing but a solid bed of fresh garden vegetables baked down into the delicious blend of classic cheeses still used by only the Fricano Family.  It is as original and authentic as any of the Fricano's pizza selections.  Try one!


Please also visit our main family pizza website at FricanosPizza.com for everything you want to know about our pizza and locations.

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