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The pizzas baked here are exactly like those baked in Grand Haven for 75 years.

Is Fricano's Pizza the Best Pizza in the World?

More and more people are asking that question.

The Legendary and Most Famous Fricano's Everything But Anchovy Pizza Pie.
The EBA (Everything But Anchovies) is a Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushroom & Green Pepper Pizza Pie, aka "Everything but" or "EBA" made of 4 of the 5 original toppings (minus anchovies) and is the cornerstone Fricano's most popular pizza. It's still made exactly the same now as when it was first created in 1949.

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Is Fricano's Pizza the greatest on Earth?

It's claimed by thousands of loyal customers to be the best they've ever had.  Fricano's Pizza is pizza that rivals anything on Earth, including even in Italy or Sicily. There are people that drive/fly from other states strictly for Fricano's Pizza.

Voted Best Pizza in the Grand Rapids Area

In the Mlive "Michigan's Best Pizza" contest in 2013 hosted by Gonzo, our restaurant won the Grand Rapids Press section.

Recent Reviews

“Delicious thin crust pizza, just like Grand Haven and this location has a full menu of Italian options. The owner and staff are very friendly. The atmosphere is kitchy/low key but the pizza is superb."
- DMW Smith, May 2016, Google +
“Fricano's pizza is the best.....”. Always great!!! Best pizza you will ever eat. I have all of them from the EBA to the cheese only, you will love them all."
- Roger R, May 2016, tripadvisor.com
“Best Pizza Anywhere”. Only one size, limited toppings. That being said its the best pizza anywhere. Very thin crust with very good quality pepperoni and sausage. Had a lot of pizza around the USA and I would rank Fricanos right up top! "
- Jud J, June 7, 2015, tripadvisor.com
“Best pizza in Michigan”. The Fricanos have taken an old business and reperposed it as a pizza restaurant. Artifacts and pictures of their native country. including an antique wine press and casks are displayed around the dinning room. The pizza is more like what you would find served in Italy than the common American pizza. While pizza is the main attraction there are other dishes on the menu. Fricano's is a family owned chain with Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Holland, and Muskegon locations. They have been our favorite for many years. .Mostly of the time you can be seated promptly. If you come on Friday or Saturday evening expect to wait "
- Fred_49341, November 24, 2014, tripadvisor.com
“Different but Excellent”. only one size, only limited toppings. that being stated the Best Pizza in the State of Michigan. Started in Grand Haven and branched to Grand Rapids. Recipe goes back 50-60 years. Very different, thin crust. Worth trying. "
- Judpma012, September 17, 2015 , tripadvisor.com
“Awesome authentic traditional Italian pizza. I have driven over 600 miles to eat a pizza at Fricano's."
- DocBosma, January, 6, 2013, tripadvisor.com
"We drive 230 miles r/t from Flint for their pizza every chance we can. Sounds crazy, but if you have a Harley, it makes perfect sense."
- Lynne Pettigrew, July 2013, Google+
"So after growing up in Grand Haven and having Fricano's weekly for 20 years I started having withdrawals here in Seattle. Not a problem, Doug made me a dozen pizzas, packed them and sent them off to me here in Seattle."
- David M., 2/1/13, yelp.com
"Whenever we travel from Florida to Michigan, we make sure we to visit, even if it involves a 170 mile trip from Detroit---one way."
- Ted L, 4/5/13, tripadvisor.com
"My wife Sheri Noordewier Henry and I drive up from Branson, MO just for Fricano's. Of course the family members in GR think we make the trek to visit them and there's no need to burst THAT bubble so we'll just let them keep on thinking that."
- Lynn Henry, April 4, 2014, Facebook.com
“Some people just don't get it, and to all their own, but it's almost like a cult following for some people."
- hexx17, September 25, 2013, tripadvisor.com
"The best pizza I have had out of the 13+ countries and 35+ states I have been to..."
- Ryan Monterusso, February, 2014, Facebook.com
"Best pizza I've ever had. I live in San Diego, and when I come to Michigan it's my 1st stop every time!"
- Eric Zack, June, 2014, Facebook.com

The Incredible Fricano's Pizza

The Fricano faithful can’t stand to go long without enjoying our pizza and some have actually become a sort of "Evangelist" who want others to know "The Truth" of where the World's greatest pizza resides.
The incredible Fricano's pizza has stood the test of time. Our pizzas, including the EBA Everything but Anchovies, are completely unchanged for over 60 years.
The reputation we have achieved and mystical nature of our pizza and history comes from our customers knowing and supporting the best pizza that can be made, and they are thankful that we have never changed our pizza recipe or quality of ingredients.

Fricano's Pizza is a Michigan made product by a Michigan made family!

It's an authentic Italian recipe like none other anywhere on Earth.  A blend of just the right amounts of the best pizza cheese money can buy, spices, and toppings baked to a golden brown, crispy texture to create this unforgettable flavor and taste.  A-1 pepperoni made exclusively for Fricano's, USDA Grade A Italian sausage (seasoned and mixed in-house,) imported canned mushrooms, diced green peppers and anchovies deliver the delicious and authentic Italian flavor sought after by so many pizza lovers for so many years.  Don't ask a Fricano what kind of cheese it is 'cause you won't get an answer since it is one of the secret ingredients that makes this pizza pie so unique.  Just the smell alone as it bakes away in the oven will assure you that it is truly a special blend not used by many if any others at all.  It's a recipe Doug Fricano is very proud of.  His Father and Grandmother worked some real magic in Gramma's kitchen over 60 years ago.
"This place is awesome! If there's a better thin-crust pizza elsewhere in the world, I'd love to know."
- David D., October 17, 2009, yelp.com
“Best thin crust pizza in Michigan. I love the thin crust pizza. Flavor is the best. You have to try this place."
- Szprogers, December 23, 2010, tripadvisor.com  
"I don't even like thin crust and the pizza is still amazing"
- Amanda O., June 4, 2013, foursquare.com
"If Fricano's Pizza was a TV show, you'd call it a "cult favorite". Best pizza in the world - very very thin crust"
- Multiple O., 1/18/2014, yelp.com
"I find myself daydreaming on a regular basis about their mouth watering, thin-crust pizza."
- Bethany Y, November 17, 2012, tripadvisor.com
"It took me 2 days to stop thinking about how yummy it was."
- Dawn M., 8/23/2009, yelp.com
"By far the best pizza I have ever had. Highly recommend this place to anyone."
- Adam Mcbride , August, 2013, Google+
"This pizza is too delicious... It should be criminal."
- Jeffrey Noel, April 3, 2014, Facebook.com
"The beautiful wife grew up in the area, and this pizza has some sort of opiate-like addictive quality for her."
- Timothy G., December 1, 2010, yelp.com 

 "As evidenced by the long waits even in the dead of the Michigan winter, Fricano's Pizza is indisputably a West Michigan institution.

People around here grow up on the stuff, and for many natives of the area, no other pie will do."
- m n., 12/26/2009, yelp.com 

"Fricano's is world-famous, the best pizza I've ever had, bar none!"
- D J MichaelAngelo, December 2013, Google+
"Best pizza in the world. Nothing compares. Nuff said"
- Nick K., 8/14/10, yelp.com
"Coming from Arizona especially for Fricano's pizza...it's been too long!"
- Hindu Barnard, July 26th, 2014, Facebook.com
"My dad,mom and myself would drive 117 miles one way to eat this pizza.... Order 5-6 pizzas eat then order 6-8 more to take home....."
- John White, October 13, 2014, Facebook.com



Please also visit our main family pizza website at FricanosPizza.com for everything you want to know about our pizza and locations.

West Michigan's First Pizza

In 1949 the late Cosimo (Gus) Fricano, founded what is believed to be the first pizzeria in West Michigan, Fricano's Pizza Tavern, in Grand Haven with the original thin crust pizza pie. 
Doug Fricano's goal is that every original pizza baked here at the Comstock Park Restaurant since 2003 is identical and as good as any pizza ever served in Grand Haven.
In fact as the son of the founder Gus Fricano, maintaining his Fathers original recipe and quality of pizza was also his most important calling for the 14 years that Doug ran the Grand Haven Fricano's (the best years of his life).

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Voted Best Pizza in Michigan

Pure Michigan, Michigan’s official Travel & Tourism site, in 2011 announced that Fricano’s Pizza restaurants, including ours here at 5808 Alpine Ave. in Comstock Park, was the winner of its unofficial poll as The Best Pizza of Pure Michigan.”

The original and most famous pizza in Michigan

In 1949 the Fricano family brought you Fricano's Pizza which was voted best pizza in Michigan in a Pure Michigan vote. Our full amazing history and everything you want to know about our pizza and locations are all told on our overall family pizza website at FricanosPizza.com.
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