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We Host Group Lunch Meetings

Luncheon meetings for 25 or more people are available for associations, businesses and organizations on any weekday. You'll enjoy salad, soft drinks and the greatest pizza in Michigan. We're told that turnout is the highest ever because your guests do not want to miss it. Contact Doug Fricano with any questions concerning your interest in your group luncheon. Adult beverages are also available.

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Voted Best Pizza in the Grand Rapids Area

In the Mlive "Michigan's Best Pizza" contest in 2013 hosted by Gonzo, our restaurant won the Grand Rapids Press section.

The Incredible Fricano's Pizza

The Fricano faithful can’t stand to go long without enjoying our pizza and some have actually become a sort of "Evangelist" who want others to know "The Truth" of where the World's greatest pizza resides.
The incredible Fricano's pizza has stood the test of time. Our pizzas, including the EBA Everything but Anchovies, are completely unchanged for over 60 years.
The reputation we have achieved and mystical nature of our pizza and history comes from our customers knowing and supporting the best pizza that can be made, and they are thankful that we have never changed our pizza recipe or quality of ingredients.

Fricano's Pizza was established in February, 2003 and serves the same made famous in Grand Haven in 1949.

In 2013 Doug Fricano proudly announced the 10 year anniversary of the most recent expansion to the Fricano Pizza chain. Fricano's Pizza Restaurant located at 5808 Alpine Ave., NW in Comstock Park just a few miles north of Grand Rapids, on M-37 (Alpine Ave.). It's the site of an old Mr. Fables hamburger joint but it transformed into a Fricano's Pizza very nicely. Everything is in place for its patrons to enjoy the delicious flavor of the "original and most famous pizza pie in Michigan". Customers are overwhelmingly happy and satisfied with the new look and the continued good service and flavor of the new place. Nestled in amongst the largest apple belt of Michigan its a comfortable drive from anywhere in the Grand Rapids area. Doug is also getting rave reviews on his simple but delicious Mediterranean salad and the specialty pizzas he added to the menu.  Make for a happy and satisfied outing, visit this or any of the Fricano Pizza parlors for the best pizza you have ever had.



Please also visit our main family pizza website at FricanosPizza.com for everything you want to know about our pizza and locations.

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Voted Best Pizza in Michigan

Pure Michigan, Michigan’s official Travel & Tourism site, in 2011 announced that Fricano’s Pizza restaurants, including ours here at 5808 Alpine Ave. in Comstock Park, was the winner of its unofficial poll as The Best Pizza of Pure Michigan.”
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